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A Photo A Week…

So I have this idea. It’s completely unoriginal and I am well aware of that. Here’s the thing…

You know all those blogs that post daily or weekly photos to represent certain things in their lives? Well, I’ve always wanted to participate, but they have either felt really impersonal, or I wasn’t inspired enough. So I want to do a photo challenge on my blog and I really want lots of people to participate. I can’t do a photo every day because who has time for that!? But I think I can do one a week. The reason I want to do my own is simply because I think it will be way more interesting to see photos from people I know, rather than sort through millions of photos from people I have never met.

So if you care to play with me, please do! You can post your photo wherever – a blog, Facebook, e-mail it to me, Flickr, etc. Then post a link in the comment section each week so I can see your photos too!! If I get enough people to participate, I’m going to do prizes every once in awhile  – that would be FUN!

The photo can be anything that means something to you that week. So it can represent something you did, the way you felt, something you saw, an accomplishment, etc. To me, it’s not as much about the photography as it is about the creativity, but since I am working to improve my photography, I’m going to play around with my camera as well.

You don’t have to post every week if you don’t want, meaning if you miss a week, you are still in. Maybe there will be a prize in the end for the most consistent photographer – ha!

Oh, one more rule – you have to have taken your photo THAT week – it can’t be something you took awhile ago and just decided to use!

Anyone interested, or will I be the only one!?!?

My photo for this week isn’t necessarily the most creative, but I took it before I decided to do this challenge. Also, I worked really hard for this shot and it is ALL manual – yay!!

Let the photo sharing begin! Come on guys, don’t leave me hanging…

Thank you all for your entries!! Here are the photos for this week:




5 thoughts on “A Photo A Week…

  1. Lahni

    I’m in! But you should put up a linky tool rather than have everyone add their links in the comments. IT would make it way easier for everyone to visit the links.