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Safari Birthday Party

Jax LOVES animals, particularly tigers. So it wasn’t too hard to decide to throw him a safari-themed birthday party. I have to say, this was probably one of the easiest and most successful birthday parties I’ve done yet. The best part was getting all my supplies months in advance from Oriental Trading. That made life so much easier and the kids loved all the stuff!!

We had a little trial run the Sunday before with the cousins, since the original party was postponed due to stupid airlines matters beyond my control. It was nice to test out all the activities and see how they were going to work and how long everything was going to take.

Some photos:

I got these sacks at JoAnn’s – 4 for $30. Not cheap, but they were pretty fun and I thought I would be able to re-use them. Turns out I was right! They held up really well!

A cute guest…

I bought a cute animal toss board from OT. It came with bananas, but there were only 3. So I pulled out those bunny bean bags I made a couple of years ago for Easter and they worked great. Little Missa Emma trying out the game with Mommy.

This wasn’t part of the planned party, but these boys love their BeyBlades. Apparently, the little ones think they are pretty interesting too! (See the tails? They each got an animal tail to wear and take home.)

By far the best part…we hooked up the trailer to the ride-on lawn mower and loaded up the kids. I gave them these cute safari hats and enlisted my brother Joel to be the safari driver. I took a turn to see if I could hack it, but that thing is hard to steer!!

I ordered this cupcake cake from Safeway for the party, but since the party had to be moved, the cake had to be consumed.

My mom thought it would be easy to replicate, so she gave it a go. Her cake is just as cute and it was waaaaaay tastier!! Check out my mom’s cake made for the day of the real party…

The one thing we didn’t do at the trial run was make these cute little lion masks. The kids colored them and then glued on animal fur-colored pom poms.

More games…

Again, the safari ride was a huge hit.

This time, I hid a whole bunch of stuffed animals in the trees for the kids to spot.

We had lots of extra time, so we got out the side walk chalk, the cars and let the kids go wild!

Showing off their tails…

Cake time!

Along with the hats, the tails and the masks, the kids got to take home one of these little stuffed animals and the little box filled with candy.

4 thoughts on “Safari Birthday Party

  1. joanna

    That is the funnest party idea ever!! I love the safari ride and the animals in the trees. So Cute!!