Confessions of a Narcoleptic


So has anyone read Chapter One? (Catch up HERE.)

I’d like to say I had some great experiences accepting my children’s feelings, but as it turns out, it’s actually pretty hard! I found myself doing all the things you aren’t supposed to. Turns out I’m really good at all the wrong responses! Reading the book has given me a better perspective on WHY I need to change the way I respond.

I just thought I would check in with anyone who is reading with me. Did you have any thoughts on the first chapter, or better yet, any good experiences to share? I’m still going to stick with chapter one, since it seems I need some more work in this area. I’ll move on to chapter two next week.

Thoughts anyone??

Oh – as for the being late goal. I wish I could say that I made this amazing turn around and I was on time for everything I did last week, but not so much. However, I did make a real effort to change some of my bad habits. I made the boys lunches at night and it was amazing. It helped us be LESS late for school! 🙂 Jax had a field trip on Friday that he had to be at school at 8:30 or else he would be left behind. We were the first ones there at 8:15! Yay! It’s a start right?

One thought on “Follow-Up

  1. Carolyn

    I bought this book after reading your first blog post about it. I haven’t started it yet because I’ve been trying to finish up another book first, but I’m looking forward to reading it. Keep posting about it! I want to know your experiences. I’m a step behind you as far as number of kids and ages go and I always like hearing from people who are in a family phase that I will be entering in the foreseeable future.