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In Remembrance

I hope my cousins don’t mind, but since this is pretty much the only journaling I get done, I decided I wanted to post about my aunt. If you asked me who my favorite people are, the Wynder family would make the top of my list. I was so blessed to be raised with such wonderful extended families. We spent most of our family vacations with our grandparents and my Aunt Meredith and Uncle Bruce’s family and these are some of my fondest childhood memories. We never did anything fancy, or went anywhere especially exciting, but we always had the greatest time and I am so grateful for those holidays.

I loved my grandmother very much and still miss her every day. My Aunt Meredith had little pieces of both my grandma and my mom in her and I always felt like she was the next best thing. I knew that if anything ever happened to my parents, Meredith and Bruce were going to take care of us, and it sounds strange, but I took great comfort in that.

We spent so much time growing up in each others lives. I considered my cousin Joanna to be one of my best friends – we were only a month apart. We had sleepovers during holidays and wrote letters back and forth. When I was at Meredith’s house, I never felt homesick because she was my mom’s sister, so there was so much that was the same. From the crafty decorations they made together, to the food they baked, to the way they laughed. Like I said, next best thing.

There are so many things I could say about my beautiful aunt Meredith. We shared the same middle name, and that always made me feel special – that I was named after my mother’s beloved big sister. She is probably the sweetest, kindest person I will ever know. That may sound like an exaggeration, but if you knew her, you would know I am right. She never yelled. Never raised her voice to her kids. I try to remind myself this every day – that it’s possible to raise children without yelling. And she raised the best kids. The very best.

Like I said, I could go on. Ramble on about all the little things I remember and loved. But most of all I want to say that I love her. She was a very special person. My kids loved her. I will miss her.

And to my cousins, who are so dear to me; I will share my mom with you. She can be your next best thing. She would love that because she loved your mom so much. And I know how much she loves each and every one of you; like her own children.

Lots of love…

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  1. Jon

    Thanks Jamie, and if you haven’t noticed – you have been sharing your Mom all along – it goes both ways. I appreciate your comments, thanks for all your love and support.