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A Hogwarts Birthday Party

Nate & I have been reading Harry Potter together and we are on the fifth book. He decided he wanted to have a Harry Potter birthday party. I have to admit I was pretty excited about the idea and had just as much fun planning it as Nate had attending it!

I printed the invitations on velum paper and made the envelopes out of brown package paper. The letter is taken from the first Harry Potter book when Harry receives a letter informing him that he is invited to come to Hogwarts. The children could RSVP by owl or muggle phone or e-mail. One of the children actually did RSVP by leaving an owl with a letter on our doorstep, which was adorable and Nate, Jax and Logan were so delighted.

The night before the party, I decided I wanted to try and make this brick wall for the kids to walk through to get to Hogwarts. I used 2 long rolls of paper and painted with a mixture of all the paint I could find to create a brick wall with a crack in it. I don’t know if the kids got it or not, but it was pretty easy to do. I would have liked to make the PLATFORM 9 3/4 sign better, but I was literally making it 5 minutes before the kids were arriving.

I printed the potions label from a site online (see my resources at the end) and borrowed glass jars, bought some at the dollar store, to create a little potions display. We ended up having the kids try some of the potions  – they were all edible, just not tasty. It was pretty funny and I think the kids kind of liked being dared to eat some of the nastier stuff.

I borrowed silver goblets from my mother-in-law and bought gold paper plates at the dollar store for our Great Hall feast.

I wanted to give the kids something to take home with them that they might actually play with again. I whipped up these bags the night before. I used polar fleece (Gryffindor colors!) so I wouldn’t have to do any hemming. I used my Silhouette to make the lightening and an initial for each guest. I was so happy with the way they turned out. I also made the table runner with polar fleece too.

The wands were the highlight of the party for me. My FANTASTIC little brother made them all for me from wood dowels and stain. They were each unique and so cool. The kids loved them.

Using free printouts from “Just Another Day in Paradise”, I made these spell books with cheap photo albums. The kids were each presented with a bag, a wand and a book at the beginning of the party.

We served hot dogs for our Welcome Feast – not very fancy, or themed, but they were cheap and easy! I wanted to make butterbeer and found lots of different recipes online. They were all kind of complicated and I didn’t know if the kids would even drink them, so I just ended up buying A&W cream soda in the states (because it’s not pink) and making floats.

The cake left something to be desired, but the kids hardly glanced at it, so it didn’t really matter. It was sort of a rush job the morning of, but Nate seemed happy with my lightening P! 🙂 Jason made the golden snitch.

We hid ping pong balls all over the main floor and the kids had to try and find as many as possible. I painted one of them gold and the person who found “the golden snitch” was the winner.

We played “Muggle Quidditch”, which I had such a hard time figuring out how to do. We have these mini hockey nets and one idea I read was to use little brooms like hockey sticks. I could not find mini brooms anywhere! We had a more complex way of playing, but the kids ended up basically playing hockey with no sticks. The kids LOVED it. I was worried they would get bored, but they played for so long. Some of the kids even went home sweating from the game.

We hid a bunch of plastic creatures outside for “Care of Magical Creatures” and the kids had to find them. They each got to keep one to take home and “care for”.

We had a potions class and I think that might have been the favorite. We mixed a couple of different things together to make some different potions. I think the favorite was the “veritaserum” we made. (Truth serum!) I mixed club soda with pop rocks and made them each drink some. Some of them really liked it. The funny part was when they started admitting things because I told them it was truth serum.

At the very end of the party, the kids got to visit Hogsmeade and get some candy from Honeydukes.

My mother-in-law came to help and dressed up as Professor McGonagall. It was SO GREAT to have her there to help out!

It was such a fun party and Nate said it was the best, so in my mind, that is a big success! I can’t take much credit for the ideas though! I was definitely inspired by parties I found online!

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  1. Joanna

    wow that party looks like so much fun!! I love the brick wall too, ah Harry Potter!! Happy birthday Nate!