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The Story of My Thyroid

I know, it sounds so intriguing, you just have to read on…

I thought I would use my blog to record some of my thoughts and experiences of the last couple of months. Mostly, it’s for myself, so no worries if you don’t really care to wade through this post!

In May, I went to my doctor for a driver’s medical and she found a big lump in my throat – more specifically, in my thyroid. I had an ultrasound and then a biopsy before I left for Europe, but didn’t find out the results before we left. So when I arrived home, there were numerous messages on the answering machine that I needed to return. I went to the doctor, not really expecting it to be anything, and she told me the lump was malignant. Both of my parents and Jason were still in Europe and I really didn’t know how to react or feel. It was all very strange. I was upset, so I called my sister as soon as I left the doctor because I needed to tell someone.

I think the confusing part is that thyroid cancer is probably the best kind of cancer to get, if you have to get cancer. And the kind I got is the best kind to get. So treatment isn’t the same as it is for other cancers and it’s actually curable. So I felt silly being upset over the whole thing, but yet, I still felt shocked and unsure.

Anyway, I was scheduled for thyroid surgery at the end of August – the surgeon wanted to remove my entire thyroid. When he did, he also took out my parathyroids and had to put them back in, which meant that they weren’t working right away and my calcium levels were really low. This meant I had to stay in the hospital for almost a week, when normally, I should have only had to stay overnight. I was in a “room” with 5 other people and our beds were separated by curtains. This made it pretty difficult to sleep, so the hospital stay was pretty horrible. I was so grateful for any and all the people who came to visit – it made my time in the hospital go by so much faster and it was so much more enjoyable.

I took some photos of my incision so I could compare it when it healed a bit. These were all from the first week in the hospital…


This was right after my stitches were taken out.

The food at the hospital was so awful. Nate seemed to like this vegetarian chilli though!

The day before I was discharged, we went for a walk around the resevoir.

A week after my surgery…

I still have to do a radioactive iodine treatment, so the story isn’t over yet! I’m still trying to deal with how I feel about all this and what it all means. Some days I don’t even think about it, and others I am a little overwhelmed. Perhaps I will post again when I feel like I have sorted this all out.

3 thoughts on “The Story of My Thyroid

  1. Joanna

    I’m sorry you had to go through all of that, especially when you found out and Jason and your parents were away! You are awesome and brave and I hope that everything will all be better for you 🙂

  2. Emmaline

    you are so strong lady! What a thing to go through, if it was me I think I would have needed to take a vacation from my life for at least a few months to think it over! So just take all the blog posts you need. Is your voice starting to come back?