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Sun, good friend, folk music – who could ask for more?

So my friend, MAW (MAW, I told you that initial would come in handy!) and I attended the Calgary Folk Festival this weekend and we both had so much fun! The weather was great, the music was better and the company was fantastic! I love the folk festival. Every time I go I have such a great time. I was sitting listening to some good tunes yesterday and thinking – this is heaven to me. If heaven doesn’t come with good folk music, well, that’s just no good. This picture is my favorite, favorite band, The Wailin’ Jennys, which was so awesome live. Every time MAW and I attend some music event, we plot about how we will start our own folk band and who will learn what instruments and we say – we could totally do this. Maybe someday we will follow through on our many plans to become touring folkies, amongst other things.
I really do love good music though. I decided yesterday that music is what fills up my soul, it completes me. I know it sounds cheezy, but when I am sitting there in the dusty hot sun, immersed in this amazing music that I love, I feel whole. I feel like there is nothing else I need in the world, but to listen to this music. Classical music makes me feel the same way. I guess that is the sign of good music – it moves you, stirs your soul, evokes thought and emotion. So once again, I pay homage to the arts. Thank you for a wonderful weekend and a really good folk fix.


This is me and MAW enjoying more silly times that good tunes, but enjoying nonetheless.

This is my wicked henna tattoo – I include it in my post because I waited a long time in line for this – it will have it’s time in the sun.

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    That is great that you had a good time, sounds like fun…Did you hear that person I asked you about? Was it the same person.