Confessions of a Narcoleptic

Jax’s Super Friends Birthday

 Since we were in the middle of moving at Jaxon’s birthday, I wanted to do something easy and simple for his party. We decided to have a weiner roast at my parents (where we were staying at the time). We invited all his friends and our families and had the kids bring super hero costumes to run around in. I also brought our extensive costume collection for the kids to choose from. Only a couple of kids ended up dressing up, but they had a lot of fun running around and playing, even though it was a bit cold and rainy.

Logan as Wolverine. He loves to be Wolverine and runs around shouting “SHIIIIINNNNNNGGGG!” as his “claws” come out.


 Logan also dressed up as Ironman…with a bow and arrow…




 We got an ice cream cake from DQ – I THINK it had a Calgary Hitman symbol on it??





For treat bags, we bought Avengers match box cars at Dollarama and taped a lollipop onto it. Simple!