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January 2014

Tobogganing with cousins Corinne and Michael from Australia…

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Mom, Joel and I took the kids to Gasoline Alley at Heritage Park over the winter break. It was pretty fun! I think the kids had a great time.


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Gran & Grandpa shared their tickets with us so we could go to the Hitmen game. It was so fun!!

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Gran hosted Ukrainian Christmas and the elves came and brought the kids a treat. This is the kids looking up the chimney to see if they can see him.

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Babysitting Max – I made his cute little hat.


Jason and I were lucky enough to go to Mexico with our friends. We had a lot of fun together!

Venturing into Cancun for some shopping.


We took the ferry over to Isla Mujeres for the day. I love this photo of Nelson holding Mary Anne’s purse.

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The view of our hotel from the water.


Exploring Isla Mujeres…

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We rented a golf cart to drive around the island. Jason almost dumped poor Mary Anne off of the back when he was driving.

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Jason and Nelson messing around with the hammock.


Day trip to see the cenotes and Chichen Itza. Mary Anne was sick, so she stayed at the resort. Nelson is posing so that we could photoshop Mary Anne into the picture – ha ha!

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That’s right…that’s Lorrie Morgan and Pam Tillis giving a free concert at our resort – I was kinda excited about the whole thing. No one else even knew who they were

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One day I came across Logan on the toilet, flipping through this truck parts magazine. It made me laugh – looks like his Daddy!!


One thought on “January 2014

  1. Sara

    Lorrie and Pam! I would have been right there with you. Those were good days for country music!