Confessions of a Narcoleptic

May 2014

 May…my favourite month! 🙂

Jax at guitar lessons…


We went out for dinner as a family one night – the boys were so well behaved – it was really nice!

IMG_3878  IMG_3880


More swimming lessons…

IMG_3912  IMG_4067

For my birthday, Jason and I took Nate & Jax to see the new Captain America movie.


Hair cuts!


My birthday fell on Mother’s Day this year. I wanted to get a nice picture of me with the boys in their new shirts and ties, but both Nate & Logan were being so cranky. I told Jax he was my favourite kid that day – ha ha!

IMG_3927  IMG_3932

My little choir had their final concert…


Jax had a day at school where you go to see all the stuff they’ve been working on. This is him with his magazine he made as well as his painting of the Northern Lights.

IMG_3960  IMG_3962

Girls night!


For the long weekend, we headed up to the lake in BC for some family fun. I was doing a 100 Happy Days project with a photo and day and Shannon and Jonathan really wanted to make the cut, so they kept posing for photos.

IMG_3969  IMG_3972

IMG_3974  IMG_3975

This is their “hashtag” 100 Happy Days photo…


Nate & I went on a bike ride together.

IMG_3973  IMG_3980

Still two cuties at the kids table…


May is birthday month in the Popowich clan. Jonathan and I were the closest together and to the long weekend, so we got the cake! 🙂

IMG_3986  IMG_3987

Fun with fire & s’mores!

IMG_3991  IMG_3993

We all rode our bikes over to Gran & Grandpa’s place for a wiener roast!

IMG_4001  IMG_4007

This is what happens when you give a 4-year-old a marshmallow…


These are Grandpa’s infamous “club shirts” he got at an auction…


Playing in Grandpa’s sand pile…


May 31 was Jaxon’s 8th birthday. We opened presents in the morning…      

 DSC_0131  DSC_0136


For his birthday party, we had a “sports theme” and we invited all his friends over to Nana and Papa’s house for a wiener roast. The kids were able to run around and play all sorts of different sports. Easiest birthday ever!

DSC_0144  DSC_0145

DSC_0154  DSC_0162

DSC_0170  IMG_4073 

DSC_0185  IMG_4076 

DSC_0220  DSC_0221