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Fun Friday

So Friday can be a couple of things…Fun Day Outdoors, Fun Food Friday, Somewhere Fun Friday or Fun Movie Friday. It can just be a fun surprise that you think of as well! The playdough that I made for my nephew entertained Logan for an hour or two and I was so surprised. That could be a fun surprise, especially if you never have playdough like us. Fun Food Friday is a lot like Make Something Monday for me. Somewhere Fun Friday is too much like Take a Trip Tuesday, but you could also do Time to Read Tuesday, which I love! Might have to change to that!

I used to do Fun Movie Friday with the boys, but we have been doing a lot of TV/movie watching, so I don’t think I will do that during our isolation time. If you don’t have a lot of screen time, it would be fun for your kids to watch a movie as a family, pop some popcorn and make it a real event. Have the kids make movie tickets and sell popcorn and treats. Set up a “theatre” with some special extras!

It also might be a good day to create some art! This is my Pinterest board for some art with kids inspiration.

Lego Challenge: Build a “giant” Mini figure.

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