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Time for Art Tuesday 4

Well I was going to “curate” some awesome links for art for you today, but I found this one post that has it all in one space…videos, lessons, basics, history, etc. It’s amazing. So check out Menlo Park Art for some great art resources!

One thing I really like is the idea of an art rubric. Obviously, you need to have expectations that match your child’s ability, but I really like the idea of showing children levels of quality. If they don’t know what a 4 is supposed to look like, how can they know if they have done 4-level work?

Explore these resources today and see what you might like to do. I was thinking of looking at the elements of art to begin with! There are lots of video links on the post and you can make this as simple or complicated as your students can comprehend!

Lego Challenge: Build a train!

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