From My Makeshift Homeschool to Yours

Workout Wednesday 4

Check out this post with core strengthening exercises for kids from The Inspired Treehouse. Logan and I have had fun doing some workouts together. He doesn’t have very much patience for yoga, but I’m just happy if he is moving!

Brain breaks are so important for kids – even if they don’t struggle with attention issues. In the book Scatterbrain by Henning Beck (great book by the way) Beck suggests that our brains have a limited ability to focus. He says that a good measure for time is age. So a five-year-old can focus for 5 minutes before they are distracted, a 10-year-old, 10 minutes. Design activities that keep this in mind – your children will not be able to sit at the table for hours on end. This is a sure fire way for discontent and poor quality work. Change up activities often – even if it is as simple as reading to writing to computer work to a hands on activity. Logan and I have been having “recess” with snack. Body breaks can be a great way to get your kids to reset, regulate or just get them moving.

Lego Challenge: