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My First Knitting Success

So I finally finished my knitting project. I have attempted to knit other items in the past, but this is the first thing I have completed that actually looks pretty good! I am so excited, so I decided to post about it! Isn’t it cute!?knit.jpg

3 thoughts on “My First Knitting Success

  1. Lahni

    It sure it! I just wish Denver’s head wasn’t so freakin’ huge so he could wear it!

  2. Sonia

    Hey Jamie….so this comment has absolutely nothing to do with your post…other then the fact that that sweater is soooooo cute…and I wish I had your patience…I would love to knit…my mom has tried many a times…and it would be great to learn that skill…but I am too impatient…but maybe you have inspred me!!!
    So anyways….I just wanted to let you know that I am so happy you found a new blogsite (I am sooooooo stupid when it comes to blogging…but I never liked blogger so I tried this one you found….am I a copy cat or what…sorry…haha) anyways….this comment has worn on!!